Sahakarn Cubic was established in 2003 by Mr.Suwit Manokhut who was the founder, coaching our cubic dipping technical and KNOW HOW. We have been developing our business along with the recent Automotive Innovation and our customer needs and satisfaction. We have invested in the important facilities, increased our production capabilities, and implemented the management system continuously. Nowadays, we have registered to SAHAKARN CUBIC INTERTRADE Company Limited since 2005.

Our Services
We manufacture the various automotive accessory products, especially the wood grain, carbon fiber and other graphic patterns for the car interior. We provide installation services in mostly brands and models. Our customer can create own design pattern or choose your preferred pattern of our film categories for your product. Make your product different and more value added.

We can manufacture the various products in various patterns more than 3,000 square meters in a month (film usages). We can operate our production for 2 shifts per day in factory area about 400 square meters.

Quality Policy

Made to standard, Just in Time delivery, Attending to develop the Human Resources, Services and Processes for the purpose of the quality improvement continuously


Our Products
1) Product Materials 
      1.1 Plastic Material such as ABS, PP, PC, PS, PU, PVC etc.
      1.2 Metal Material such as steel, brass, stainless, aluminum etc.
      1.3 Wood and Fiberglass
2) Product categories
      2.1 Car interior accessories
      2.2 Motorcycle parts
      2.3 Electronic and equipment
      2.4 Furniture and home decoration
3) Film Patterns
      3.1 Wood grains
      3.2 Carbon Fibers
      3.3 Graphic such as Marbles, Camouflages, Cartoons etc.

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